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1.1. Purpose and scope of customer information collection

- only collects information when registering as a customer to use the service on the e-commerce website, for the purposes of: customer identification, information management for product code supply activities. Products and after-sales support or respond to customer feedback. - Website collects customer information to send emails to customers to introduce products and services on

- Used to contact customers when organizing promotions, exchanging ideas and information on evaluation or survey forms.

- Used to analyze consumer trends of customers, thereby developing products or building new more suitable services.

- The customer's personal information is collected when the customer registers as a customer and the information in the process of customer feedback about the quality of products, services or policies on, usually including : Full name, address, phone, email, company name, company address, title, date of birth.

1.2. Scope of information use

  - commits that customer's information is only used for appropriate purposes in the management and business activities of website, to provide services to customers, send notices, and prevent malicious activities that destroy user accounts or communicate with customers in special cases.

- In case of request of legal authorities, investigation related to violations, blusaigon is responsible for cooperating in providing personal information of customers.

1.3. Information storage time

Customers' personal information and data will be stored and secured on the server system of the unit operating and hosting the PA Vietnam website for up to 5 years.

1.4. Means and tools for users to access and edit personal data

- Via website

- Customers have the right to send complaints about the disclosure of personal information to 3rd parties to management board of, then management board of the website will be responsible for answering and guiding customers to restore as well as keep information confidential.

1.5. Commitment to the confidentiality of customer information

- The collection and use of personal information of customers is done only with consent and to the extent appropriate and necessary for proper commercial purposes. will maintain measures to ensure the safety, integrity, accuracy and confidentiality of the information that customers have provided.

- User's personal information is collected, stored and strictly, accurately and safely confidential.

- Do not transfer, provide or disclose personal information of users to any third party without consent, unless requested by a competent State agency.

- To ensure the safety of personal information, customers absolutely follow the instructions. If you find an unusual problem, please contact management board of to check and handle it in time to avoid stealing private information.

1.6. Customer information is stored

The following customer information will be stored on the website system

- First and last name

- Phone number

- Address

- Email

The above information will be used for the purpose of contacting the customer, and shared with the shipping agent for the transportation of goods. In addition, credit card transactions will be saved with the transaction approval code information for the purpose of converting the transaction into an installment transaction.

Valid from September 1, 2020


2.1. Purpose of application

The payment system on the website is provided by payment gateway partners that have been officially licensed to operate legally in Vietnam, connected to the system of domestic and international banks. Accordingly, the payment security standards of ensures compliance with the security standards of Payment Gateway Partners.

In addition, also has its own security standards for payment transactions to ensure absolute safety for customers' payment information.

2.2. Specification

* Policy of payment transactions by domestic and international cards to ensure compliance with the security standards of Payment Gateway Partners, including:

- SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) internet data security standard issued by GlobalSign.

- Payment information data security standard (PCI DSS) certificate issued by Trustwave.

- 128-bit MD5 encryption standard.

- Principles and regulations on information security for the finance and banking industry in accordance with the provisions of the Law and the State Bank of Vietnam.

* Transaction security policy in payment of applies to customers:

- Customer's payment card information is not saved on the system of When placing an order and using a bank card to pay for an order purchased on, you will enter your card information on the Payment Gateway Partner's system.

- When there are issues related to the security of payment card information, the Customer should contact the Payment Gateway Partner to be resolved.

- Customers access the website via HTTPS protocol.

- Customers have the option to use OTP to access and transact.

- The internal system between the modules of uses the methods of exchanging encrypted keys: The application systems exchange internal data encrypted with a set of private & public keys to ensure confidentiality and complete data security.



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