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BLUSAIGON represents unique beauty, the essence of mother-of-pearl artistry, and extraordinary creative inspiration. What about you, what does the BLUSAIGON pen mean to you?


Share your experience with us as you accompany the BLUSAIGON pearl pens for a chance to instantly win 5 summer trips to Bali in 2024. Explore the details of the Radiant Mark, Bali Unveiled program below.



1/ Participation Guidelines:

Step 1: Create a product review for BLUSAIGON with a minimum of 100 words (including VIDEO or IMAGES).


Step 2: Share the review content on Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram publicly (excluding stories) with the hashtags #blusaigon #blubali2024 #tathanhthien.


Step 3: Fill in the information at Form to confirm your valid participation.


2/ Participation Period:


The program takes place from January 01, 2024, to March 31, 2024.


Result Announcement: Before April 15, 2024, the Customer Service Department will contact the winners, assist in ticket booking, and address any inquiries.


3/ Participation Eligibility:


Applicable to all customers making purchases at BLUSAIGON's showroom and on all online platforms during the program period (January 01, 2024, to March 31, 2024).



4/ Prize Structure and Selection Method:

There are 5 trips to the paradise of Bali for 2 people, with a total value of 125,000,000 VND. BLUSAIGON will award prizes to the 5 luckiest customers across the platforms:

- TikTok: 2 prizes for the 2 TikTok reviews with the highest total views and likes. Each prize is a Bali trip for 2 people (25,000,000 VND/1 prize).

- Facebook: 2 prizes for the 2 Facebook reviews with the highest total reactions and comments. Each prize is a Bali trip for 2 people (25,000,000 VND/1 prize).

- Instagram: 1 prize for the Instagram review with the highest total likes. The prize is a Bali trip for 2 people (25,000,000 VND/1 prize).



5/ Notes for Participating in the “Radiant Mark, Bali Unveiled” Program


5.1 Notes on Review Content


Customers must complete all 3 steps in the participation guidelines to ensure eligibility.


Review content must be successfully posted from January 01, 2024, to March 31, 2024 (as recorded in the form list).


There is no limit to the number of posts and videos a participant can submit; individuals can post multiple videos and articles simultaneously on different platforms.


Valid reviews are posts in video/reel format or regular posts (images/albums). Reviews in story format (lasting 24 hours) are considered invalid.


Reviews must be the participant's original content (not copied from any other platform or another individual).


Virtual interaction counts will not be considered.


5.2 Notes on Prizes:


The prizes are valid for a maximum of 1 month from the date of result announcement on the official BLUSAIGON Fanpage (i.e., until May 31, 2024).


The prize includes round-trip airfare and accommodation (hotel/resort) in Bali for 2 people. 

The combined cost of round-trip airfare and accommodation in Bali should not exceed 25,000,000 VND for 2 people.


If the cost exceeds the prize value (25,000,000/prize), the customer will cover the remaining difference.


If the cost is lower than the prize value (25,000,000/prize), the customer will not receive a refund for the remaining amount and may choose alternative services, such as dining at the hotel/resort restaurant, purchasing additional flight baggage, etc.


Customers have the freedom to choose the airline, flight time, and accommodation (hotel/resort). The BLUSAIGON Customer Service Department will contact customers to provide detailed advice, book flights and accommodation, and address any other inquiries (if any).


Prizes are non-transferable, non-exchangeable for cash, not refundable, and not reissued for any reason.


Customers can accumulate and progress in the number of prizes if their reviews achieve high efficiency across multiple platforms.


Example: Mr. Nguyen Van A has the highest interaction on his Facebook review. He will receive a prize of a Bali trip for 2 people, valued at 25 million VND.


Mr. Nguyen Van B has the highest interaction on both Facebook and TikTok reviews. BLUSAIGON will award 2 prizes according to one of the following cases:

- Double the number of travel days (e.g., a 3-day trip will be extended to a 6-day trip).

- Increase the number of participants in the trip (e.g., a trip for 2 people will be upgraded to a trip for 4 people).

- Travel at 2 different time periods (if the promotion period is still valid).



5.3 Other Notes:


In the event of force majeure and the need to change the program schedule, BLUSAIGON will only accept cases that are truly necessary due to reasons affecting immediate events, with the intervention of state organizing units, defense, security, or for national interests, emergency situations, disaster prevention, etc.


The participation confirmation form will be closed after 23:59 on March 31, 2024. 


The organizers will not address any arising complaints (e.g., having posted a review but not filled out the confirmation form) except for incidents caused by BLUSAIGON.


Results are only valid when customers fulfill all 3 requirements specified in the participation guidelines.


In all cases, the decision of the organizers is final.

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